I got my She Space Haul!

I checked my mail today and the makeup fairy brought me my makeup from The She Space today. I am so excited because I got some colors I don’t really have in my collection. I bought 4 of them to act as liners or dark colors (when needed) and the other three to be some new splashes of color for the summer.

The colors I ordred are:

Bubble and Burn – dark black/brown with gold flecks
Lucky Charm – dark black/brown with purple flecks
Asylum – dark black/brown with green flecks
Stolen Soul – dark black/brown with blue flecks
High Drama – bright lavendar purple with magenta undertowns (high frost)
Lucifer’s Chariot – pale red with frosted magent and red pearl
Fire and Brimstone – bright gold with yellow undertowns

Top Row: Bubble and Burn, Lucky Charm, Asylum, Stolen Soul

Bottom Row: High Drama, Lucifer’s Chariot, Fire and Brimstone

Closeup of Fire and Brimstone & High Drama

Lucifer’s Chariot

Asylum and Stolen Soul

Bubble & Burn and Lucky Charm

I am so excited to try these out. I’ll definitely post pictures once I have some of the pigments on.

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