EOTD: Laura Geller Tourmaline, Jade and Loreal Aqua Paradise

All of the women in my family are nuts when it comes to makeup. We are always asking eachother about new makeup, sharing advise, and borrowing makeup items from eachother. My aunt is no exception. She graciously gave me the Laura Geller pallet below – unfortunately I do not know the name of it, or where it came from. I love the colors, though. They are extremely pigmented and easily blended together.

For this EOTD, I blended Tourmaline on the inner portion of the lid into Loreal’s Aqua Paradise on the outer portion of the lid and along the lower lash line. When the two met, it turned into a beautiful olive green color in the middle. In the crease, I blended Laura Geller’s Jade into Milani’s Lilly White as a high light. All of these colors were applied dry and blended together as such. I didn’t line my lashes so the color is more evident.

If have the opportunity to order Laura Geller, I would recommend it. The eyeshadows are beautiful and she has a fantastic selection of baked blushes, which are all the rave. She is actually going to have a Today’s Special Value today on QVC (which I have already ordered).

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