Jesse’s Girl Eye Dust Swatches

I mentioned earlier that I ordered some eye dusts and baked shadows from Jesse’s Girl Cosmetics. Unfortunately here in Indy, we don’t have any Rite-Aid’s, or any other drugstores for that matter, which carry Jesse’s Girl. I had read so much about them on Makeup Alley, but hadn’t been able to find anything to try out locally. A few weeks ago, the lovely Toma had posted about the new baked eye shadows for her “Hidden Gems” and I had to order them online. The colors looked beautiful, and the price was right at about $17 for all four, plus free shipping. While I was browsing around the site, I found the eye dusts, which I have read a lot about, including their similarities to MAC pigments. At $3.99 each, you can’t beat the price, so I figured I’d try a few colors out. I chose the following:

Majestic Green
Sunpearl Pink
Sparkle Gold
Duochrome Blue/Green
Sunlit Cactus

Not only are the packages filled to the brim, but I received a bag full of sample baggies for each eye dust they have! What a great way to get me to buy again, because I definitely will!!

(Click the picture to enlarge)

The swatches are below – sorry they are a bit blurry, my hands were shaky the other day!

I will post the baked shadows next – those are definite winners, too!!

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