Review: Mary Kate & Ashley Paper Me Pretty…

I am working on the swatches, but have had some difficulty getting things uploaded tonight, so I figured I would give you a sneak preview of the Paper Me Pretty’s by Mary Kate & Ashley.

As I said, these were approximately $3-4 at Walmart – really a steal for 50 sheets.

It’s actually a pretty neat concept. The box of sheets opens up like a larger matchbox, where you basically push the container with the actual sheets out, and the remainder of a cover is there for you to hold while you grab a piece of the paper.

Each sheet has makeup on one side, and nothing on the other except for anything residual, which you are abound to have.

I found that the color has great pigmentation, not to mention fantastic and lasting wear. I really loved the color I chose, which you will see in a FOTD coming up. There is some nice shimmer to the blush, but nothing outrageous. I did have to use a blush to blend everything together, but I assumed I would to begin with. My one complaint was that I wasn’t able to get both cheeks done with one whole sheet – I ended up partially using another sheet to get the remainder of my other cheek completed. Overall, for the price, I think this is a great idea, and fun to mess around with when you are tired of your basic blushes that are used on a day to day basis.

Retail Price: $3-4.00 USD

Where to purchase: WalmartProduct: 5 out of 5
Price: 4 out of 5
Packaging: 4.5 out of 5 (Again, I ran out of product on one sheet for both cheeks)

Overall: 4out of 5

Would I purchase again? Definitely – they are fun to play around with, and actually were some colors I don’t have in my collection, which was an added bonus!

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