Part 2 – e.l.f. Cosmetic Haul – Studio Eyeshadows and Blush

On Friday I showed you all the mineral eyeshadows I ordered from e.l.f. Cosmetics, and now it’s time to introduce the Studio line from e.l.f.  
The first thing I thought when I saw all of these shadows was that the packaging looks so similar to a Nars eyeshadow and/or blush package!  The only difference is the little “window” where you can see the colors, which I love, and the fact that it the package isn’t velvety means that nothing sticks to them!
The blush I ordered is called “Tickled Pink”.   This color is a very pale, true pink (think Barbie) with hint of shimmer.  The pigmentation is really nice – not so much that you have to worry about having a heavy hand when you are applying, but still enough to show up and give you a healthy, very pretty, color to the apples of your cheeks!

The four eyeshadows I picked were Raspberry Truffle, Butter Cream, Mystic Moss and Saddle.  All of them have some shimmer (of course) and are perfect colors for fall.  The colors I picked remind me of fall leaves!
I swatched each color below – they are all very smooth, almost creamy, and not overly pigmented.  I am used to using loose eyeshadows/pigments, so I was a little thrown back when the color didn’t swatch immediately onto my skin in a deep, dark color.  I noticed that using a brush actually gave me a much better swatch then using my finger tips, so that is what I did.  This is because of how creamy these shadows are, even though they are still powders!
(Just as an FYI, the pictures below are washed out by the flash, so the colors are a much richer color in real life…)

Saddle:  A very warm, chocolate brown with hints of golden shimmer.

Mystic Moss:  A very cool, deep grey-green color with hints of turquoise and golden shimmer.

Butter Cream:  Truly the look of butter cream icing, this is a pale creamy-yellow with pearl shimmer.

Raspberry Truffle:  Deep coffee brown with hints of purple-berry and golden shimmer.

When I ordered all of the eyeshadows, I also got some of their Studio brushes.  They remind me of the look of the MAC brushes, and at $3 a piece, they are a steal!  The handles are thick and ergonomic, and the hair in the brushes are soft, compact and work effortlessly into the shadows and your skin.

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