It’s time to get sassy with Sassy Minerals!

I recently discovered Sassy Minerals when I was reading Fresco Phyrra, and decided that I needed to give them a try. The website is very easy to navigate, there are sections devoted to foundation, blush, eyeshadows, lips, tools and questions you might have about the products. Within each section, there are subcategories: for instance, under “Eye Candy” you will see that there are “Shimmer”, “Silk Luster”, “Liner”, and “Deja Vu“. The last section, Deja Vu (which is also in the So Cheeky blush section as well), is dedicated to eyeshadows that are dupes of some of your favorite brands, including Nars and Bare Escentuals. I immediately navigated to the Shimmer section, since we all know I love the sparkles! The selection is enormous, and the pricing is great. A full size eyeshadow runs $4.25 and a sample is $0.75 – very reasonable, especially for the quality! Even better, the processing and shipping time was exceptionally fast! I was so excited when 4 days after I ordered my product, it was waiting for me at home! Below is my first order…

I ordered 3 samples of blushes (Plus one, Give Me Some Sugar and Applause), as well as 5 eyeshadows (Gasoline Rainbow – liner, Flash of Brilliance – liner, Fierce – liner, After Party and Dry Martini). I also received 2 free samples in my order, Pandora’s Box and Merlin’s Ball.

Plus One is a beautiful, shimmery peach to light coral blush. The shimmer is pale pearl with hints of pink and gold. This is very light, so it blends effortlessly into the skin. The pigmentation is great as well, so it doesn’t take a lot of blush to give you a subtle glow.

Give Me Some Sugar is pale pink, with peachy undertones. It has gold, pink, and pearl shimmer. This is a gorgeous color, full of “glow”, and looks like a true flush on the skin. I am definitely going to order a full size of this once I run out of my sample – this is a new go-to blush for me!

Applause is a pale pink/lavender blush. The shimmer in this ranges from pinks to lavenders, to even hints of silver. This is great for cooler tones, and is also a very light color, so it won’t be overwhelming or difficult to apply.

Pandora’s Box is a shade I received as a sample and I am definitely in love with this one. It is a deep penny copper with darker chocolates, greens, and golden shimmers running through. This would be a great color as an eyeshadow or an eyeliner. It is very creamy smooth to apply, and very pigmented as well. A gorgeous color for the fall!

Merlin’s Ball is the other sample I received. This is a gorgeous, sterling silver with silver sparkle. This would have been perfect for my Halloween costume! I love that it isn’t too dark, so this can be used with a lot of colors without being overwhelming. This also has great pigmentation and is very smooth to apply.

Gasoline Rainbow looks exactly like the name. Think of the beautiful iridescence that you see on the ground where gasoline has puddled. You can see every color in the rainbow in this shade. It has a very deep black shimmery base with all the rainbow in sparkles. Perfect as an eyeliner, I also played with this as an eyeshadow to create a very different smokey eye. This eyeshadow/liner is definitely unique!

Flash of Brilliance is another very different and multifaceted color. This starts with a shimmery navy/charcoal color, and has swirls of blue, green and hints of golden iridescence. Another beauty for a liner when applied wet!

Fierce is a beautiful, deep plum shimmer with purple, green, blue and silver shimmer. I bought this as a liner, but it is so smooth that it would work very well as an eyeshadow as well. The color is deep enough to work with other eyeshadows outside of the purple and blue family.

After Party looked like a deep taupe online, but in person this has so much more character. The taupe is the base, but there is tons of olive green, copper shimmer and golden iridescence. This would make a great eyeliner or eyeshadow.

Dry Martini is a beautiful, silvery olive green. The shimmer in this ranges from goldens to turquoise. This is a beautiful lid color, as well as a crease color.
Below are all the swatches together. I used the Fyrinnae’s Pixie Epoxy on top and nothing on the bottom, to give you an idea as to the nature of these eyeshadows. As I explained earlier, these are very pigmented, very smooth, and are packed with shimmer (since those are the shadows I purchased). There is a whole section devoted to lusters, which differ in that they are not full of microglitter like some of the shades below are.

I didn’t think the picture above gave you quite a good look at the blushes, so I zoomed in below so you can see the difference in the three samples I ordered.

Also, here is a better look at the eyeshadows – GORGEOUS!

I have to say, I was so pleasantly surprised by the Sassy Minerals I received, and for multiple reasons.
Reason #1 – the price! Who can’t beat $4.25 a piece for an eyeshadow?
Reason #2 – the quality! The pigmentation and texture is unreal. The shade selection is so big, and unique, that there is something for everyone!
Reason #3 – the turn around time! This was beyond my expectations! I have no problem waiting for an order, especially if I know the quality is good, but this was so much faster than I ever expected!
I would definitely suggest you check them out! I’d love to hear what you all think if you do! 🙂
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