EOTD: LA Splash Unsolved, Regal and Nude Diamonds

A while back I wrote about the new LA Splash Cosmetics I found at Meijer and have been meaning to post more pictures of them on, and just haven’t gotten around to it.  Well, I finally did, so I wanted to show you how beautiful these are.

The color I use the most is Regal.  It reminds me a lot of Bare Escentuals Sex Kitten, but just a hint lighter and with a bit more pearl shimmer to it.  This shade makes a great liner and crease color.  It is truely a deep copper penny color, and has all the shine and shimmer of a new penny!  Unsolved is a very different color.  It isn’t quite as dark as Regal, but has the same depth of color.  Unsolved is a very shimmery plum/copper shade – again, this would make a great liner as well.  Finally Nude Diamonds is exactly what it sounds like.  If you could combined crushed pearls and crushed diamonds, this shade would be exactly that!  A beautiful high light, I also use this to add a little shimmer anywhere (lips,cheeks, and eyes).

LA Splash Unsolved – inner corner of lid
LA Splash Regal – outer corner, crease and wet as eyeliner
LA Splash Nude Diamonds – highlight
Rimmel Volume Mousse Mascara Black

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