Quick and Festive NOTD: Jessica Custom Nail Colour "Celebutante"

Recently I have been sorting through my nail polish stash – I bet I have over 200 bottles!  Unfortunately, some of them are so old the color is no longer true, and it’s time they met their maker.  While I was searching through, I saw this Jessica Custom Nail Color in what I believe to be Celebutante (the sticker has fallen off the bottom), and decided it was perfect to get in the Christmas mood!  I received this last year for Christmas, appropriately enough.

This color is absolutely gorgeous – talk about a metallic, bright, holly red!  This also has gorgeous red micro-glitter throughout, but isn’t chunky at all, as some glitter nail polish tend to be.  That is a HUGE plus in my book.  The shade is very pigmented as well, so after two coats it was very opaque. 

I don’t think this picture does the color justice – it almost bleaches it out because of how much light reflects back.  Think Christmas…the red and glitter look like the ornaments on a Christmas tree.  I love, love, love this color!  And, to be honest, this is going to have to hold me over until I get over to Sally and grab China Glaze’s Ruby Pumps!

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