ReThink What Matters: The Need to Find Yourself….

I often find that this time of year, between the weather and the stress that comes with begining a new year, we often lose focus on ourself.  I personally have trouble dealing with the ever-cold weather, and the snow and clouds that come with it.  This week, the sun decided to shine (after it dumped 9+ inches of snow!), so I decided to take the weekend as an opportunity to recharge my batteries and “find myself” again.  Between the 10’s of trash bags I took to the local Goodwill and trash, to finding old favorites deep in the closet, I feel a little bit better today than I have in the weeks past.  It’s amazing what a good refocus and cleaning can do for one’s outlook! 
What do you do in order to find yourself?  Is it just a matter of really focusing and purging yourself of non-essential items?  Is it a treat (maybe some makeup or a night out with friends)? Or is it just some good ol’ “me time”?
This week, Bare Escentuals “Rethink What Matters” topic is The Need to Find Yourself….take a jaunt over and see how you pair up with other ladies!
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