New! Revlon Age Defying Spa…Skinlights Remake?

Do you remember the Revlon Skinlight from a few years back (picture below)?  I used to love these, especially on days that I didn’t want to put a full face of makeup on in the morning – the tinted Skin Brightening Illuminator was one of my favorites in the summer. 
Well, I was looking through my Allure magazine this weekend and noticed an advertisement for this new Revlon Age Defying Spa Face Illuminator, and instantly had flashbacks of the Skinlights products I loved.  I have yet to see the new version in person, but I will say that it looks as though there are some added benefits, such as SPF, which I don’t remember being included in the Skinlights. 
From the website,
“Boosts natural radiance for a fresh, luminous glow.  Light reflecting micronized crystals illuminate on contact.  Sheer color in a lightweight, oil-free formula.  SPF 18”
I’ll tell you what, if these are similar to the Skinlights of the past, and I don’t have to rummage through my local Big Lots, I’ll be thrilled!

I’ll definitely post something once I am able to find them at my local drugstore!  Have any of you tried these?  Thoughts?

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One Response to New! Revlon Age Defying Spa…Skinlights Remake?

  1. Karin says:

    I like them a lot. I bought the pink.I thought I had reviewed it, but maybe not! Will have to review it if I haven't.

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